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Pure TeaQuality Tea is Healthy, Delicious and Fun.

It isn't an accident that tea is the second most consumed drink on the planet, after water. A good quality tea is not only delicious, but also offers a multitude of health benefits, for mind, body and soul. Tea is simple, but at the same time has complex qualities; It can be drunk alone or used to bring people together; It can warm you on a cold day, yet cool you on a hot day; It can invigorate you, or calm you. Tea makes you happy.

Whatever your reason for drinking tea, the following will explain why we think you should consider Pure Tea the next time you buy your tea:


  • 100% natural quality teas at very competitive prices – I sell the teas that I drink and would never compromise on quality. I also keep the price 'real'.
  • Hand Picked Selection – There are thousands of tea available to buy online, which makes choosing the right ones an intimidating process. For that reason, I have hand-picked a selection of the finest teas, to help you discover the variety the world has to offer.
  • There's No Snobbery Here - I don't take tea too seriously and neither should you. Tea can be fun so experiment with it. Also, I don't believe simple questions are stupid questions, so ask away.
  • Free Tea Course – Are you relatively new to tea? Do you want to learn more about the basics? Well, we offer a free tea course and eBook to help get you started on your tea journey.


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